Why Sit?

Posted by Javier Rodriguez on

People always ask me what is essential. What do I need to practice every day? So why do we sit? Sitting brings us to the root of mind, root of body and motivation. My response is always, what is your why? What is your goal? This will give you an idea of what to practice, what is essential.

For many people relaxation is what is needed. With all the things that make up our to-do list, it seems difficult to find time for self. What does that mean? Why do we need time for self? Well, spending time with just the self is a process of reflection and introspection. It can help us to resolve worry and fear, let go of things that we cannot control, even give best wishes to those we love or those who have harmed us.

As we move through life, it is important not to take these things into our day to day interactions. Why? Well, if we move through life as a hurt soul, there is a tendency to hurt others, purposefully or not.

This is why I recommend practicing the sit. Chinese call it Da Zhou, the Big Sit. We learn to just be, wholesome, inside our own skin. And this can be a foundation for many things. After building this you can live in the present and you can learn many things. I hope you enjoy the series of videos to come.