About Us

The story of one's life can be broken down into small moments in time. At WhenInDoubt we call them Ah-perils of living. In these moments we are constantly making choices: what to eat, where to vacation, which career path to take, which friends to keep, how to spend free time, who to take advice from. We ask: How do we release tension and neutralize stress??? On and on we are faced with a number of choices.

And we continue down a path. We live and learn, love and learn, experience highs, lows, successes and failures. Some are stubborn in their ways. Some choose to stick to their plan and others adjust. Some people just don't know or don't care. These days many people are in pain and down right scared.

At WhenInDoubt we want to walk the path with you because we understand the perils of living, and we understand that in challenging times we need a push or reminder to come back home. Often we forget where that is or what it feels like.

And so what is home? Home is rest. Home is peace. Home is your center. It's your place to regroup, rehab, and recharge. So we are committed to connecting you with home because this is where you fight your fears and your pains, where you fight negativity and stress, where you release tension. And while you might be a person who knows your way home, remember there are others out there that are lost. Remember that many are suffering and they are dying in the worst ways. They need help.

A simple phrase can be that help: Just Breathe.

A simple reminder can help ease their nerves: Just Sit.

A simple tshirt can put things in perspective: Be Grateful.

At WhenInDoubt we will question, we will push your buttons. We will strike a chord and we will analyze and ponder.
Most of all, we will unite through our differences. How, you ask? Because we all experience doubt, we all experience fear. We make mistakes and we hurt ourselves, and each other. This is the common ground that moves us forward.

Furthermore, we are willing not judge for we have been down, too. We know what fear, anxiety and stress can do and we want no part in it.

Life can be broken down into small moments of decisiveness. We call them the Ah-perils of living. We will remind one another that these fleeting moments do not define who we are, but they are just some bumps and bruises picked up on our journey.

So we will keep truckin' along like the little engine that could, and we will take a souvenir and we will wear it proudly: a simple shirt to remember. The Ah-perils of living.