Ocean of Negativity. Stay Afloat

Posted by Javier Rodriguez on

So one of my Facebook friends had the courage to share a very difficult experience she had in dealing with emotions, the mind and heart. You can read it below. I was touched to read how candid she was. I felt her hurt. I felt the frustration. What's more, I felt her letting go, choosing to fight, and understanding that it is just a process.
She described feelings that we all experience and when I read it I said to myself that is exactly what WhenInDoubt (the Ah-perils of living) is all about. 
What I like most is her surrendering to the training process, yet still committed to the fight! Thanks Lani :)
So I pose the question when you find yourself in an ocean of negativity, what is your strategy for staying afloat??
WhenInDoubt Stay Positive. Stay Afloat
By Lani
Negativity is infectious like a flu. We all tend to be affected when we feel stressed, weak, lonely, and physically tired. So I've kept myself away from negativity since I noticed its infectiousness. But we cannot avoid all negativity. Sometimes we need to face to it, and sometimes we even need to fight with it tho it's tough. For me, it was yesterday and I still get exhausted mentally. You know, it's easy to train the body. But as for the heart, it's not easy. Sigh, I want to be more impenetrable.......