WWMS (What Would Mother Say)

Posted by Javier Rodriguez on

This is segment is from Mothers' Day 2017. 

On this Mother's Day I'm reflective. I'm just thinking that all the drama in the world, where are the mothers? I ask you, "where is your mother?" What would she say? This is a great Question to ask yourself anytime you are not sure about an action. In addition this is a great question to ask a friend, at the moment prior to taking an action they might regret.

I'm also curious about the use of the word - premeditated. We see it often used for a crime. Even in the dictionary you see the definition: think out or plan (an action, especially a crime). Well I gotta say that as a meditator I don't approve of this use. It takes away from the meaning of meditation. What if I want to coin the phrase, premeditated-living? Now, because of the general use of the word, it has a negative connotation to the act of living - totally unfair.

Well that is just something to think about. I think that we need to consult our mother's energy more, in the same way that people say WWJD (what would Jesus do). We can say WWMS?