How to Recharge

Posted by Javier Rodriguez on

Let's just take a second to think about the significance of our bio battery - our guts. This system is responsible for conversion of food to usable energy for the body to use. We might not be so picky about our food in the face of famine and hunger.
This also calls into the question, one's ability to efficiently convert and use food and water. In Qigong we call this post-birth essence and the practice to connect to this process is call Qigong. Qigong connects us to these subtle processes in a way that aids us in developing a relationship, connecting our minds, if you will. Why is this important.
Well if you are constantly tired, burned out or drained of energy, it might be a result of not knowing how to connect to the processes within your bio battery. Remember that this place is your energy core. It can be misleading and we might just think that all we need is food or coffee, and bam, we're good to go. Unfortunately it's not so easy. Your body is a complex machine always working to keep you healthy and alive.
In this video I show you how to go into the abdomen to breathe. You might say wow that's great, my body breathes on its own. I don't need to "engage" it. But you do, I would say. I would suggest doing it so much that you begin to develop a relationship to all the machine parts at your core. So, connect to your bio battery.